• Through USAID-funded project reached 10,853 with prevention interventions in 2007-2008
  • Reached 2,729 people with care and support services in the same period, and 1,989 orphans and vulnerable children
  • 337 people received voluntary counselling and testing at the short-stay care centre
  • NELA has trained community outreach workers to work with particularly vulnerable populations.
  • To lobby legislation that protects the rights of those with HIV/AIDS and their family.
  • To seek redress for those who suffer discrimination because of their HIV status.
  • To be a resource network on ethical, human rights and legal issues of HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote ethical and human right norms in all issues related to HIV/AIDS.
  • To enhance through advocacy the nation's understanding of the interaction between: Human right, women's right and children's right and HIV/AIDS.
  • To carry out research with a view to use report gotten from such researh to find a solutions to the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote positive HIV policies in workplaces.
  • To provide care for persons living with HIV/AIDS through home based and short stay care services.
Working to slow down the spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS through prevention, care and support.

The Network on Ethics/Human Rights, Law, HIV/AIDS-Prevention support and Care (NELA) is a non-governmental organisation based in southwest Nigeria, NELA carries out HIV-related activities spanning prevention, counselling, advocacy, training, care and support, ethics and human rights.

Nigeria has the world’s third largest number of people living with HIV – an estimated 2.6 million (equating to 3.1% of adults). Around 1.2 million children have been orphaned by AIDS.
The factors contributing to the spread of HIV in Nigeria include poverty, high population mobility, poor healthcare services, marriage practices such as polygamy, the trafficking of young girls, and lack of sexual health information and education. HIV-related stigma and discrimination can make it difficult for people to access testing, care and support services.

Despite an increase in major HIV initiatives at the national level, many gaps and barriers remain in the provision of and access to HIV services. In 2007, only 26% of those in need of antiretroviral treatment were receiving it.


To mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, families and communities and to strengthen the capacity of the community to do the same.

In order to fulfill the above stated mission nela has been involved with hiv aids prevention ethics and human righ care since inception. Nela works with other NGOs/CBOs invoilved in hiv aids prevention care and support activities. In order to ensure better co-ordination, sustainability,exchange of information and improved sexual health services to the populace through direct contact with the community. Currently, NELA networks in partnership with the international HIV/AIDS alliance as well as national action committee on AIDS as their linking organizations working in partenership with fifteen and twelve NGOs/CBOs respectively in the South western part of nigeria on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Counselling Care and Support Services for the PLWAS through its short stay care center and home based care services. NELA promotes observance of ethical and human rights principles through out the nation.